Natural Diuretics for Water Retention

Fluid retention or edema also known as water retention is a medical condition which occurs in people who suffer from water accumulation in certain parts of the body such as hands, legs, ankles, face and abdominal area.

Natural diuretics for water retention

show effective results in overcoming this problem. Natural diuretics are available in two forms and they are a�� Synthetic and Natural diuretics. This condition is mostly seen in women who are pregnant and who also suffer from premenstrual syndrome.

Excess consumption of salts also leads to this condition. Sometimes, this condition can lead to sudden weight gain and is an indicator of thyroid problems, kidney diseases, liver disorders and heart diseases. Read on to know the various

natural diuretics for water retention


Natural Diuretics for Edema

Natural diuretics for water retention

are considered as the best way to treat fluid retention. Natural diuretics may not cause any kind of side effects and also show effective results in treating this condition. The following are a few natural diuretics that will help in overcoming edema.

  • Green Tea

    : This is one of the most common natural diuretic which plays a major role in treating water retention and is preferred by many people. Green tea also helps in boosting the metabolism of a person by suppressing his/her appetite and also promotes weight loss. You can consume this herb present in tea either in the form of pill or capsule too.

  • Dandelion Leaf Tea

    : This is another natural diuretic used by many people to treat water retention. This plays an important role in draining out the excess fluids from the body and also detoxifies it completely. This tea also helps in treating cystitis and urinary tract infections. This is the most safest natural diuretic that can be used by pregnant women suffering water retention.

  • Fennel and Nettle

    : Fennel in commonly used as a seasoning for certain foods. It also treats the condition of water retention effectively. Nettle cleans your body completely in a natural way.

  • Cranberry Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar

    : Drinking cranberry juice every day will help in overcoming the condition of fluid retention. Apple cider vinegar flushes out excess amounts of water from the body and also maintains potassium levels in the body.

  • Fruits and Vegetables

    : Apart from the above mentioned natural diuretics certain vegetables and fruits help in getting rid of water retention. Include certain fruits and vegetables like artichoke, asparagus, brussel sprouts, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, beets, etc. in your diet.

The above mentioned

natural diuretic for water retention

has positive effects in treating this condition. Oats, ginger, juniper berried, etc. also help in overcoming fluid retention. Make sure that you consult a doctor before using these natural diuretics to avoid further complications.

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