Water Blisters on Hands

A person uses his/her hands and feet mostly than any other body part and this can sometimes affect them.

Water blisters on hands

is the most common problem faced by many people and it happens when their hands come in contact with contaminated objects. There are several factors which lead to this condition. The following article explains more in detail about the causes and treatment of this condition.

Treatment and Causes

Water blisters on hands

can be caused due to working in unhygienic surroundings as well. Read on to know more about its causes and treatment.

  • Friction

    : This is considered as one of the most common causes of this condition. This condition is mostly seen in people who lift heavy weights as the skin surface of the hands gets irritated. During this the outer skin layer gets damaged and fluid gets collected under it to protect the damaged tissues. The fluid filled in the blisters also provides aid in speeding the healing process. Water blisters are generally caused as a defense mechanism of hands. This condition can be commonly observed in people who are involved in physical activity most of the time, laborers, constantly shoveling, using a rake and people who play baseball. You can overcome these water blisters by wearing a protective gear like gloves while using different objects.

  • Burns

    : These are another common cause of this condition and this occurs when hands are subjected to heat for a longer period of time due to an electric shock or due to any other reason. This results in the collection of fluid in the blistered area and this is mostly seen in burns which occur due to steam. A person suffering from either second or third degree burns should be taken to a doctor immediately.

  • Dhisidrotic Eczema

    : This is a medical condition which results in causing

    water blisters on hands

    . Around 20 out of 100,000 Americans suffer from this condition. A person suffering from this condition may experience itchy water blisters and sometimes may also observe clear vesicles. This condition can lead to temporary scars on hands as well and can be mainly caused due to an allergic reaction.

Sometimes, viral infections can also lead to the formation of

water blisters on hands

. Make sure that you avoid bursting these blisters and if you do so accidentally then cover them with a medical tape in order to avoid further infections. Consult a doctor if the blisters remain for a longer period of time.

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