How to Stop Retaining Water?

When the body of a person lacks required amount of water then it may start storing water which is also know as

retaining water

in his/her body. This can further result in weight gain, swelling and other such activities. It is necessary for people suffering from this condition to under go treatment immediately as this can also lead to several other health complications as well. Read the following article to know several ways to get rid of this condition.

Tips to Overcome Water Retention

The body of a person has the tendency to hold water when it experiences scarcity. There are several medicinal and natural ways which help in preventing this condition. The following are a few of them which help in preventing

retaining water


  • It is required to increase the consumption of water daily as this condition arises when the body does not get sufficient amount of water. Make sure that you drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water in order to avoid bloating as well.
  • Lower the consumption of sodium in your diet and also avoid junk foods as they contain high amounts of salt and it also helps in lowering this condition completely.
  • Include foods rich in vitamin, D, B6, B5 and calcium in your diet in order to overcome this condition.
  • Watermelon, banana, cucumber, cabbage, apple cider vinegar and cranberry are considered as the best natural diuretics that help in curing water retention.
  • Exercise regularly as it helps in improving the blood circulation and further preventing water retention. Physical activity is very important for pregnant women as they are more prone to this condition.
  • Proper rest also plays an important role in maintaining good water levels in the body. Water retention in legs can be lowered by placing them in an elevated position.
  • Make sure that you consult a doctor for treatment if you are not able to overcome this condition by following the above mentioned steps.

The above mentioned steps will be of great help to prevent the condition of

retaining water.

Make sure that you follow all the instructions carefully without fail. Pregnant women should take extra good care as it can lead several other complications.

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