How to Get Rid of Water Retention?

Water retention is the medical term used for accumulation of fluids abnormally in the tissues. It is important for a person to know

how to get rid of water retention

as it can result in causing discomfort and swelling. This condition can be caused due to certain health complications like cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and heart failure. It needs immediate medical attention along with a few lifestyle and dietary changes. Read on to know more about the remedies which help in reducing stigma, bloating and pain.

Tips to Get Rid of Water Retention

Water retention is a very common condition mostly seen in elderly people which occurs in legs and it is medically termed as peripheral edema. Water usually gets retained in feet, leg tissues, ankles, etc. Treatment is given according to the cause of the condition. Pregnancy, usage of certain medications, high blood pressure, accumulation of wastes or toxins and low calorie diet are a few more causes of this condition. Read on to know

how to get rid of water retention


  • Plenty of Water

    : Dehydration is another reason which can lead to the condition of water retention. It is important for people suffering from this condition to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day in order overcome this condition.

  • Sufficient Protein

    : Proteins play an important role in draining out all the excess water and toxins from the body. The presence of less proteins in the blood is a clear indication of low calorie intake. You need to eat a balanced and healthy diet in order to overcome water retention.

  • Pregnancy

    : Many women experience poor blood circulation in legs during pregnancy resulting in swelling in legs and ankles due to water retention. Pregnant women should make it a point to exercise regularly in spite of tiredness, growing weight and discomfort. Regular walking and a balanced diet everyday will help in overcoming this condition.

  • Stress Free Life

    : Increased stress levels will always lead to hormonal imbalance leading to water retention. Affected levels of progesterone, insulin, estrogen and cortisone can result in this condition. Make sure that you keep yourself free from stress through meditation, yoga, laughter clubs, medications, etc.

  • Low Salt Diet

    : People suffering from varicose veins also suffer from water retention problems in legs and this can be due to the intake of excess amounts of salt. Make sure that you lower the consumption of sodium.

  • Physical Activity

    : People confining themselves to a single place just like a ‘couch potato’ will suffer from water retention problems. People in wheelchairs or hospital beds should have some kind of physical activity daily in order to avoid this condition. It is important for every individual to include some kind of physical activity in your daily life.

  • Medications

    : Certain pain killers or birth control pills affect the hormonal levels in the body leading to the condition of water retention. Women suffering from this condition may have to take extra care in order to prevent hormonal imbalance. Cellulite containing water and fat can cause pain, irritation and swelling. Sometimes, metabolic toxins and water get stored in cellulite. It is advisable to opt for methods like detox diet which help in detoxifying and getting rid of all the toxins from the body.

You might have got an idea on

how to get rid of water retention

as they help to overcome this problem naturally. The above mentioned tips are simple, easy to follow and also the best way to be free from water retention!

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