UV (UltraViolet) Water Purifier

Water purification plays an important role in removing harmful microorganisms, particulate matter and chemicals from the water.

UV water purifier

is one of the best purifier used for water purification. According to a study, 90% of the water we use daily is contaminated due to pollutants. Therefore, making the usage of a water purifier necessary. This purifier helps in eliminating the undesirable substances and other pollutants from the water. They also help in killing microbes, bacteria, algae, virus and fungi present in raw water. Read on to know more about these water purifiers.

Working of this Purifier

  • The

    UV water purifier

    consists of high intensity UV light source which is also known as germicidal radiation.

  • This radiation helps in killing all the biological contaminants present in water.
  • The short-wave UV is produced by the germicidal properties is obtained by converting electrical energy.
  • The water which passes through this purifier is exposed completely to the ultraviolet rays.
  • When water gets exposed, the microbes undergo a change in their DNA structure further leading to the death of microorganisms and this is how water purification takes place.


There are several advantages offered by this water purifier as they are efficient and cost-effective technology. Read on to know more advantages of this purifier.

  • This purifier disinfects the water completely without the usage of chemical application or additives of heat.
  • It also purifies water very quickly and fast without altering the water’s chemical composition than any other water purification systems.
  • The water properties, odor, pH and taste remain the same after the process of purification.
  • A good quality water purifier is very effective in purifying 99.9% of the water by eradicating all the harmful microbes.


  • UV water purifier

    only purifies biological water contaminants and this is a major disadvantage of this water purifier.

  • It also consists of higher amounts of suspended particles.
  • Cloudy water should be filtered or initial sedimentation should be done before the purification process in a UV purifier.
  • The germicidal lamp inside the purifier should be replaced and cleaned regularly as there are chances for it to burn out.
  • This water purifier requires a lot of maintenance on the whole.

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