Water Aerobic Equipment

Water aerobics has become a new form of exercise which has gained popularity among many people. They are feasible, easy and can be practiced at home as well. However,

water aerobic equipment

are affordable and cheap unlike the gym equipment. These exercises are very effective in increasing flexibility, reducing body fat, improving postures, burning calories and tightening abdominal muscles. The following are a few equipments used for water aerobics.

Equipment for Water Aerobics

The following is the list of

water aerobics equipments

which will help a person perform water aerobics easily.

  • Water Dumbbells/Water Weights

    : These are considered as the best equipments used for water aerobic exercises. Water dumbbells provide good cardio workout and are designed in a such a way that they provide stability on water surface and buoyant support as well. They also provide support making it safe and easy to use in water.

  • Bar Float

    : This equipment is mostly used to float on water without much strain. Bar float will help you also perform other leg exercises simultaneously with ease.

  • Floating Belts

    : These belts are required while performing certain exercises using dumbbells. These belts help in reducing the stressed caused on the back while using dumbbells by providing support to the back. It also prevents back problems and backaches.

  • Aqua Runners

    : This is a kind of footwear used while performing water aerobic exercises and these aqua runners help in providing strength to the lower body.

  • Water Noodles

    : These are very essential for deep water aerobic exercises and they also provide various other benefits to the body as well.

Other Water Aerobic Equipments

The following are a few more popular equipments used for water aerobics which are widely used by many people.

  • Water ankle weights
  • Hydro resistant dumbbell
  • Jogger delta bells
  • Aqua fitness barbells and
  • VASA power cords

Make sure that you use these equipments only under the supervision of a personal trainer or instructor. You need to practise these water aerobic exercise with lot of attention and care as having a balance in water is very important. Usage of good equipment is also important to have better health benefits.


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