Hard Water Soap

The most common household material found in every home is a soap. It is believed that soap with a very good lather is better than that with less lather. However,

hard water soap

do not go hand in hand as the quality of a soap purely depends on the type of water and the chemicals used. Natural soaps are liked by many people. The following article explains more clearly on how hard water effects the soaps.

Effects of Hard Water

  • Many people encounter problems due to

    hard water soap

    scum in their homes.

  • This usually happens when the mineral and calcium ions present in hard water interact with the chemicals present in the soap.
  • This will eventually lead to formation of scum due to the precipitation of the insoluble compounds.
  • Hard water soap scum is mainly due to the chemicals present in the hard water mainly than the chemicals present in the soap.
  • However, many researches have been made by companies that manufacture soaps in order to reduce or lower the problem of poor lather or soap scum.
  • They added a few new agents and chemicals to the soaps in order to reduce this condition.
  • These companies have experimented with coconut oil which is a natural additive and which can produce good lather when added to the soap and when it interacts with hard water.

Chemistry of Soap

  • Surface tension is the most unique property of water and it is mainly due to the spherical shape of the water droplets.
  • It is always important to reduce the surface tension and to spread the water molecules throughout the surface which has to be cleaned.
  • Surfactants and soaps consists certain chemical substances and these substances play a major role in dispersing, loosing and cleaning in water.
  • They also help in holding the soil till the dirt and dust gets rinsed away. Soaps are generally potassium or sodium salts of fatty acids and water soluble.
  • They are generally made by treating oils and fats with strong alkali with the help of a process known as saponification.
  • Soaps are excellent cleansers which emulsifies insoluble particles and fat.
  • Due to the above mentioned reasons

    hard water soap

    scum are formed. You can avoid this by using soaps which may not interact with the chemicals present in hard water.

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