Vitamin Water Nutrition Facts

Energy and health drinks are very popular and common among people living in the United States. Glaceau is one of the best company which manufactured all health drinks related to water category. The same company launched a product known as ‘vitamin water’ which became very huge hit among the masses. Glaceau is now owned by the Coco Cola company. However, there was a debate which is still going on the vitamin water nutrition facts. This water claims to have many health benefits and they also come in attractive and trendy small bottles to attract the customers. Vitamin water is nothing but a combination of distilled water with flavors, sweeteners, artificial vitamins and other ingredients. Read on to know the facts of vitamin water.

Nutrition Facts of Vitamin Water

  • The absence of certain vital vitamins like vitamin B7, D, B2, and B1 is the most important

    vitamin water nutrition fact

    as these vitamins are very essential in dietary supplements.

  • People are unaware that these vitamin drinks consists of 125 calories and 32.5 gms of sugar per bottle.
  • Intake if these drinks daily without including physical activity in your routine will raise the calorie level in your body eventually leading to obesity.
  • It is important to know the body requirements and needs as intake of extra calories can lead to severe health complications.
  • There are a few controversies running behind regarding the ingredients used for vitamin water, though this drink is loved by all teenagers.
  • Make it a point to during this water occasionally especially after a heavy work out or exercise.
  • However, it is always advisable to drink plain water instead of vitamin water.
  • Read on to know more about what vitamin water is exactly.

Vitamin Water

Since you are aware of

vitamin water nutrition facts

, it is also important to know what vitamin water exactly is? Many people have a misconception that vitamin water is healthy to drink. Many of them even believe that this water consists of vitamin B12, C, B6, B3 and B5. Whereas, it only consists of various forms of water especially distilled water, sugars which are in the form of fructose and vegetable juice as ingredients and all these can lead to severe health complications due to excess intake of this water. Make sure that you avoid drinking vitamin water as far as possible in order to lead a healthy life.

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