Water Aerobic Routine for Seniors

Aqua aerobics is the other name used for

water aerobic routine

which are generally performed in water using its effectiveness and resistance. These exercise for seniors are more beneficial as there are very less chances for joint pains and injuries. Water aerobics provides very good benefits for the heart and are also considered as the best cardiovascular exercises. These exercises are usually practised in the pool’s shallow end making it very easy for people who do know how to swim as well. It is the best way to stay in shape and at the same time have fun while beating the heat. Read on to know more exercises which are beneficial for elderly people.

Various Exercises for Senior Citizens

Water aerobic routines

can be easily performed due to the resistance provided by the water. Elderly people can opt for basic activities like brisk running and walking as they are more beneficial. Make sure you practise these moves under the guidance of a professional instructor. These exercises help in building up the lean muscle mass and also strengthens bones and joints. The following are a few exercises which will be of great help.

    Jog or Walk

    : These are the best workouts suggested for senior citizens as these simple activities help in improving resistance.


    : This exercise in water avoids high impact due to the water’s buoyancy than on land. Jumping in water is more easy and safe than on land.


    : These workouts help in strengthening the muscles and also helps in increasing and improving the range of motion. Kicks in water also avoids the risk of injuries.


    : You can perform these exercises by holding onto the railing or you can even take assistance of your partner. All you can do is to paddle with the help of your legs while keeping your body parallel to the floor.

Benefits of Water Aerobics

There are a variety of health benefits for seniors through these water aerobic routines. Read on to know about the advantages of these

  • Water supports your body apart from providing resistance. It reduces the risk of sprains, muscle injuries, strains, and pulls. These exercises also lower the risks of falling.
  • Water aerobics also help you to get back in shape as they play a major role in weight loss. You can burn many calories just by exercising for an hour. You may even loose 300 to 450 pounds which mainly depends on the intensity of the workouts.
  • These exercises are a good choice for people who are either undergoing physiotherapy or rehabilitating after surgery.
  • Exercising in water helps in fighting heat especially during summers and also helps in fighting sunstroke or dehydration.

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