Water Aerobic Moves

Aerobic moves and exercises have become very popular among many people and

water aerobic moves

are considered as one of the new fitness regime. These moves can be practised by people of all ages and are fun to practise as they keep changing for every session. Aqua aerobics will help in providing good stamina and resistance to the body and also provides relief from your boring workout routine. You can also burn a lot of calories in water when compared to a gym. Read on to know more about these aerobic moves and exercises.

Various Water Aerobic Exercises

Pool exercises are considered as great cardiovascular exercises which have beneficial effects on muscles, joints and hips.

Water aerobic moves

can be performed by standing in water and this can happen due to the airiness it provides. These moves also provide good resistance for your arms, legs and immune system. The following are a few aerobic moves which will help you maintain a good health.

  • Jumping Jack

    : Make sure that the water level is between your chest and stomach when you stand. Start jumping by standing with your feet together. Make sure that your moves are slow and you can even move your arms in order to balance. You can perform these moves for three minutes. You can even do this while taking breaks from other exercises.

  • Boxing

    : You do not have to actually punch a bag or a person in real. All you need to do is just to punch an imaginary bag in water. This move helps you to use your torso, shoulders and arms. Make sure that you perform this exercise standing still in chest deep water.

  • Cross Country Ski

    : This water aerobic exercise helps in providing excellent workout to your entire body. You need to put on a weight belt which is commonly used for support. Start cycling your legs back and forth keeping them straight and making sure that they do not touch the floor of the pool. You can even move your hands just like your legs with the help of dumbbells. The main aim behind this exercise is to move around in the pool.

  • Walking

    : Running, walking and jogging are considered as the best

    water aerobic moves

    in water as they play a major role in strengthening your muscles and also increase the heart rate.

  • Swimming Laps

    : Swimming is the best workout which provides benefits from head to toe. This helps in providing strength to your leg and arm muscles.

The above mentioned

water aerobic moves

help in energizing your body. These also help in boosting the immune system which will help you to lead a healthy and good lifestyle.

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