Types of Water Filters

Water filters play an important role in eliminating all the impurities from water either through biological, chemical processes or with the help of a physical barrier. Water purification mainly depends on the

type of water filter

you use at home. Using a good water filter is a must, as water may contain contaminated particulates like inorganic mixtures or salts, dissolved gases, microorganisms and organic compounds. Read on to know more on why you need to use efficient water filters before knowing the types.

Water Filters

Taste and safety are the important factors one should keep in mind before purchasing a water filter. The filters generally use ion exchanges, adsorption or sieving for purifying water. Look out for a filter which has minimum maintenance, stable functioning and maximum efficiency as common features. You can even have a portable or non-invasive water filters. Filtration of water may vary between different filters and you should also make sure that it is not expensive. Read on to know more on portable and homemade water filters.

Portable Water Filter

These are one of the

type of water filters

which play a major role in purifying water efficiently.

  • Katadyn Hiker Micro filter

    : This filter is considered as one of the high rated water filter. This filter will be of great use for backpacking as you need to carry very less weight while traveling. Its filtration system removes bacteria, cryptosporidium and giardia from the water. It is equipped with a hydration pack attachments and nalgene bottle which are simple to use. It also has the capability of producing high amounts of water as well.

  • Mini Ceramic Micro

    : This is considered as another type of filter which is super lightweight. It consists of a carry bag, pre-clarifier, bottle chip, cleaning pad and measuring gauge. It can produce around 20 gallons of water with the help of 0.2 micron depth clarifier made of ceramic.

  • Micro Bottle Micro filters

    : This is also a zero maintenance and lightweight water filter. It helps in eliminating giarda and bacteria providing good taste to the water as well.

Homemade Water Filters

These filters can be made easily with the help of right materials and these filers work efficiently and are less expensive. All you need for these are a stand, spout and a diverter. The following are a few homemade water filters.

  • Granulated Activated Charcoal

    : This is considered as the commonly used homemade water filter. This filter works with the help of tightly packed particles of charcoal and these particles trap the substances which are not required by creating a network.

  • Silver Sterasyl Ceramic

    : This filter helps in eliminating cysts like giardia and harmful bacteria and this is usually done with the help of silver impregnated ceramic micro filter.

  • Carbon Block Filter

    : This is a popular homemade water filter which consists of solid or powdered carbon blocks which filters harmful and contaminated particles from water. It also filters unwanted particles like fluoride and chlorine as well.

It is important to choose the right

type of water filter

which has the capability to remove unwanted particulates or impurities, chlorine and giardia from water. It should also leaves behind all the essential minerals for good health.

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