Water Aerobics Routine

Water aerobics can be practiced by people of all ages and

water aerobics routine

helps you to stay fit and healthy. These exercises are the advanced form of aerobic exercises which are practiced in water along with good music. Many people mistake water aerobics with swimming-related exercises. These exercises need not require a person to have the ability to swim. The following are a few more details about these exercises.

Common Water Aerobic Exercises

The following are a few typical

water aerobic routine

exercises that can be practised by anyone.

  • Walking

    : This exercise is very popular among elderly people as walking in water may require great amount of energy and effort when compared to land. This usually happens as the water offers 10 times more resistance than air leading to burning of more calories. Walking in water is more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Jogging

    : This is also quite popular among many of them as it is much safer in water than on land. Jogging in water prevents the impact on your body which can lead to the pain in ankles, shins and back. The presence of vast amount of water helps in providing a cushioning effect eradicating hard impact which can cause pain.

  • Cycling

    : This exercise is very strengthening and beneficial as it helps in toning the abdominal and leg muscles. Cycling exercise also helps in reducing the fat present in the hips and thighs increasing the stamina.

  • Boxing

    : This exercise mainly involves you to use your arms, upper body and shoulders to punch an imaginary bag. This exercise is performed in chest-deep water keeping your body still.

  • Dance

    : This is considered as the great and best way to lose weight and it involves lots of fun as well. You can splash around, clap your hands or twist your legs however you wish to.

Water aerobics routine helps you have a relaxed evening after a very long day’s work. These exercises are also rejuvenating, refreshing and they act as the best way to fight the heat in summer.

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