Energy Efficient Water Heaters

Water heaters are just appliances which help in heating water and supplying hot water constantly.

Energy efficient water heaters

help in reducing the usage of electricity. The heating source is the main reason which raises the temperature of the normal water. Many people prefer using hot water for basic domestic activities which may consume most of the energy. One must keep this factor in mind before getting a water heater installed in your home. The following article explains about water heaters in detail.

Different Types of Water Heaters

There are a variety of energy efficient water heaters depending on the technology used. On an average a water heater may consume 10 to 50 percent energy less than the basic and standard old models. The following are a few efficient water heaters which will consume less energy.

  • Water Heaters with Conventional Storage

    : These water heaters are very popular as they store the hot water in tanks or reservoirs. You can store hot water depending on the size of the tank or reservoir. A basic reservoir may store around 20 gallons of hot water. Natural gas, propane, electricity and oil are a few sources of fuel for heating water used by these storage heaters. Yo can reduce standby heat loss by installing heavy reservoirs as they lower the wastage of energy.

  • Tank less Water Heaters

    : The name itself suggests, these water heaters may not require tanks or reservoirs to store the water. Tank less water heaters mainly work on demand basis and are also called as demand water heaters. These heaters work efficiently by using electricity and gas as their source of fuel. You can save around 15 percent of the energy as there is no standby water loss.

  • Water Heaters with Heat Pump

    : These work efficiently in areas with warm climate. These heaters use electricity in order to transfer heat instead of heating the water directly. This heater uses energy from the surrounding air to heat the stored water in tank. You should make sure that you install these water heaters in a place where there is 40A�F-90A�F of temperature. The main disadvantage of these water heaters is that they cannot work in places which have cold temperatures.

  • Solar Water Heaters

    : These are also known as solar domestic hot water systems. These are the most efficient water heaters available. Solar collectors are used for heating water and this water is stored in tanks. However, the feasibility and benefits depend completely on the direction and location of the roof.

However, the energy saving depends purely on the size and fuel options of the

energy efficient water heater

. Water heaters which work on gas are very efficient in saving energy.

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