Water Drainage Solutions

Many people living in low lying area often face drainage problems and this clogged water in gardens and yards may spoil the household properties as well. This can also cause structural and foundation damage of the house. Water logging has always been a serious problem and you can overcome this by redirecting the clogged water. If you are looking out for

water drainage solutions

then the following information will be of great help.


The lower areas are always found to be mushy or wet and you can overcome this by following a few

water drainage solutions


  • Improving Top Soil Quality

    : This is considered as one of the best solutions for water clogging problems. It is inexpensive and very effective if the water drainage problem is not severe. See that the soil in the yard is not clayey as it will prevent the water from getting percolated deeply inside the ground leading to logging problems and mushy yards. You can avoid this by adding sand, saw dust, compost, wood chips and raking the soil. These techniques help in percolating the water deeply into the ground keeping the surface water free and dry.

  • Dry Well

    : You require a very good water drainage solutions if your living in low lying areas like the foot of a hill. Water drainage problem becomes very common during monsoons as the rain water flows down and gets clogged in a particular area. All you need to do is to channelize this water to another place or you can install a dry well. A dry well is just a pit with river stones and gravel which can be dug at the lowest point near of your property. These river stones and gravel help in percolating water deep down into the ground.

  • French Drain

    : This is also very effective surface and underground water drainage remedies. This can be implemented by digging the ground and filling it with gravel and trench. You can even use PVC pipes for better water flow through French drain. You can close or leave the French drain open. You can use cobblestone and sand to close it. However, installing it may require lot of labor.

The above

water drainage solutions

will be of great help if you are facing problems of water clogging and also make sure that these solution will not spoil your neighbors yard.

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