Hot Water Heater Problems

The function of a water heater is to heat and store water in it. A tank of water can be heated with the help of a thermostat which can regulate the temperature of water, gas or electricity, hot water outlet and source to supply cold water. However, many people complain about hot water heater problems most of the time. This can occur due to the malfunction of water heater parts like metal rod, anode and a drain valve which are responsible for effective water heating. Read the following problems usually seen in most of the water heaters.

Problems of Electric Water Heaters

Water not getting heated or water not hot enough and leakage are a few common problems seen in many water heaters. However, the following are a few more hot water heater problems.

  • Water not Heated

    : This problem can occur due to the trip of high limit switch and it is important to get it repaired as early as possible. There are chances for the thermostat to have no power supply eventually resulting in this condition. You need to have a check on the wiring and circuit breakers of the heater as you may have to replace them if the problem is in upper heating element.

  • Leakage

    : This is considered as the most common problem and it can be due to high temperature or high pressure. If the problem is due to high pressure then you may have to get a valve fitted in the heater as this can lower the pressure. You need to set the temperature slightly on the lower side if the problem is due to high temperature. It is always important to have a check on the thermostat levels.

  • Water not Hot Enough

    : This can be due to a fault in the thermostat. It is important to keep a check on the power supply both in the lower heating element and upper thermostat transmits. This problem can also be due to a broken dip tube.

Since hot water heater problems are common it is advisable to buy a water heater of a good and reputed company.

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