Lemon Water Diet

Many people suffer from weight gain and skin related issues due to hectic schedule at work and home leaving no time for a healthy lifestyle.

Lemon water diet

helps in building resistance and also detoxifies the body, making it immune to unhealthy eating and lifestyle. It is important to remove all the pollutants from within the body as well. This water diet when followed continuously for about six months will help the body to release all the harmful toxins and also helps in shedding extra pounds from your body. The following will explain more clearly about the benefits of this diet.

How to Make it?

Lemon water diet

is not time consuming and is easy to make and drink.

Cayenne pepper


natural maple syrup



are the ingredients required for this. Mix 2 tablespoons of the juice of fresh lemons, 2 tablespoons of honey or natural maple syrup and 1/10th tablespoon of cayenne powder in 10 ounces of water. Drink this magical potion everyday as it will definitely work wonders for your body.


  • Lemon consists of citric acid which helps in boosting the immune system.
  • Natural maple syrup in this drink helps in adding good sugar levels which in turn helps in increasing the energy levels.
  • Cayenne pepper increases metabolism further and all these help in reducing weight as well.
  • Drink this water continuously for seven days for quick and better results. It also helps in reducing the craving for carbohydrate rich food and sugar.
  • The mucus from the body can be removed in people suffering from allergies, cold and asthma.
  • This drink also drains out all the toxins present in the excretory system and also purifies the blood stream.

Diet Plan

Master Cleanse Diet

is the other name used for

lemon water diet plan

. You can drink this water whenever you are hungry. You can even drink lemon water daily in the morning for more health benefits. During the initial stages of this diet you may experience a few side effects like mood swings, nausea and headaches. It is always important to consult a physician before you start any diet plan.

How to Maintain?

It is very difficult to maintain weight loss than achieving it and many people fail in this aspect. In order to maintain healthy weight even after this diet plan include a glass of lemonade for breakfast and lunch as well.

Lemon water diet

works effectively if you follow it regularly keeping all aspects in mind and it is always recommended to eat healthy food.

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