Basic Water Softener Systems

Hard water consists of magnesium and calcium ions. It also consists of other dissolved bicarbonates, sulphates and metals. Hard water generally consists of higher levels of minerals and is not considered dangerous at all. However, drinking hard water may lead to problems like

lime scale deposits



. It important to drink soft water and have basic water softener systems at home. The machine used for this process is called as

Water Softener


Water Softener

  • This machine helps in removing the ions present in the water along with magnesium and calcium.
  • All you need to do is to connect this water softener to your water supply in your house.
  • Water softeners work automatically, manually or semi-automatically.
  • The rate of a water softener depends on the hardness it removes from the water before regeneration.
  • A good machine requires less maintenance and may work for several years.
  • It may require lots of energy and time to clean the reservoir full of rock salt. Water softeners may be water meter-controlled and time operated.
  • These softeners work water power or electricity mainly depending on use of water, type of water softener, hardness of water and type of energy used.

Water Softening Process

  • Calcium, magnesium and ions present in hard water are replaced by sodium and potassium through a medium.
  • A resin bed of zeolite covered with potassium or sodium ions or small plastic beads are used to replace the ions.
  • When the water is passed through this bed the process of ion swapping takes place leaving behind the beads which contain only magnesium and calcium.
  • Now regenerating the beads is required for softening the water.
  • All the sediments like dirt, magnesium and calcium are drained out from the beads with the help of a process known as



  • The brine tank is lastly loaded for the next cycle after rinsing the mineral tank with fresh water.

Top-Mount Valves Water Softeners

The following are a few water softeners which contain top-mount valves.

  • Time lock regeneration for heavy-duty system for water softening
  • Meter generation for compact water softening systems
  • Meter generation for heavy-duty systems for water softening
  • Time lock generation for compact water softening systems

Home Water Systems

These water systems may be initiated regeneration or fully automatic models. Automatic models have a timer which starts the regeneration procedure step by step. This procedure is usually done at nights when the usage of water is very less. All the other procedures are also automatically done according to the demand of water which is to be treated.

Problems Associated

If small amounts of sodium enter the water through the softener then it can lead to health complications like heart related problems and hypertension. It can also affect the vegetation and grass growth as well. Water softening can result in draining out a few useful minerals required for good health from water.

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  1. Water softeners are great investments. Not only is soft water great when showering – no impurities to absorb and the soap lathers up nicely! – but you also don’t get build up on appliances like you do with hard water.

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