Bottled Alkaline Water

Many people rely completely on tap water for washing, cleaning and drinking purpose. Many of us are particular about disinfecting the water we drink and only a few of them actually check the pH balance in water. Bottled alkaline water is available for drinking purpose and it comes with a pre-adjusted pH level. Filtering and disinfecting tap water does not prove that it is safe for our health. It is very important to drink water which has balanced pH value as well. The following are various health benefits of drinking this water.

Why to Drink this Water?

  • Blood consists of 94% of water and a human body contains 70% of water and this shows the importance of water in our life.
  • Incorrect and unbalanced pH levels in water may force the foods we eat to produce acidic waste materials.
  • This results in the blood carrying toxic materials to all parts of the body and it finally gets deposited in the lymph, kidneys etc.
  • It is important to maintain balanced pH levels in water in order to neutralize the acidic effects in the body.

How it is Manufactured?

  • Bottled alkaline water is manufactured by using several methods and a few of them are by using reverse osmosis, distillers and ionizers.
  • These techniques help in producing alkaline water at different degrees of alkalinity.
  • Rain water consists of neutral pH value that is 7 and is considered to be pure.
  • Distilled water is also close to rain water except that it is more alkaline in nature.
  • A distiller generally consists of two main components and they are condenser and boiler.
  • Boiler helps in boiling the normal water just above the boiling point so that it leaves all the impurities behind.
  • Ionization is another process which can be used electrically to get optimum alkalinity of water.
  • Reverse osmosis can also be used and this helps in removing the pollutants from the tap water with the help of semi-permeable membrane.
  • However, this water is slightly alkaline in nature than the tap water.
  • Ionization is considered as the most popular and effective method used for manufacturing bottled alkaline water.

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