Different Types Water Pollution

This condition is prevalent in many places in the world and it can occur either through a single source or through multiple sources. Water pollution can affect the environment and the pollution caused due to nuclear waste is known as

Transboundary pollution

. The following article provides you with the information on different types of water pollutions.

5 Types of Water Pollution

The following are a few types of water pollution that are commonly seen in many places.

  • Surface Pollution

    : Surface water of the Earth is considered as the natural resource. It is very easy for these waters to get polluted as they are found on the exterior part of the Earth’s crust and they are lakes, rivers and oceans.

  • Groundwater Pollution

    : Earth’s water is usually found under rock structures or soils and they are known as


    . These aquifers can be used to build wells to obtain drinking water. Groundwater pollution can be caused due to pesticides that contaminate the soil infecting the drinking water further leading to numerous health problems.

  • Microbiological Pollution

    : This pollution is generally caused due to the presence of microorganisms as they usually thrive in water. This contamination can cause illness in humans, fish and animals. Microorganisms like protozoa, bacteria and virus can cause some serious diseases like cholera as well.

  • Oxygen Depletion Pollution

    : The microorganisms present in the water mostly breed on biodegradable substances. These materials when get mixed with water can multiply the microorganisms increasing the utilization of oxygen. This condition is known

    oxygen depletion

    . These anaerobic microorganisms produce harmful toxins like sulfides and ammonia which can further lead to several health complications.

  • Nutrients

    : These are generally used for the development and growth of several plants. Nutrients also cause excess growth of algae and weed if they are present in large concentrations of water. This can result in contaminating clog filters and drinking water.

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