Well Water Filtration System

One important source of water for people living in arid and dessert regions is the well water. These days well water or ground water has become an important source of water in many places. The following article explains in detail about the well water filtration system adopted in different places.

What is Well or Ground Water?

  • Well water is also considered as a water body present on the surface of the earth. There are other water sources on the planet like the springs.
  • Accumulation of ground water mainly depends on the percolation of water. Rain water gets collected in huge water bodies like lakes, rivers and oceans.
  • This water gets collected inside the ground and gets percolating into the earth’s surface eventually forming ground water streams.
  • Large amounts of water from these water bodies is pulled down due to the gravitational force.
  • This water gets percolating forming huge deposits of water inside the earth’s crust.
  • These deposits of water is absorbed by the rocks and soil.
  • Wells dug at river basins have natural and clean water and the source for this water usually begins from highland areas.
  • Water from highlands travels to the other land areas and then joins other water bodies.
  • This water gets purified with the velocity of the stream.
  • However, there are greater chances for the well water to get contaminated.

Well Water Contamination

Well water can get contaminated due to three main reasons mentioned below.

  • Human contamination
  • Chemical and mineral contamination and
  • Biological contamination

Biological and chemical contamination occur naturally and this is usually caused due to the presence of microorganisms and minerals. Human error and carelessness results in human contamination which occurs in the well and is considered to be very dangerous. Well filtration system will be of great help in eradicating this kind of contamination.

Purification Systems

Well water can be purified with the help of three steps and they are as follows.

  • First Stage

    : Physical filtration is the very first step involved in well water filtration. Dirt is removed from water with the help of simple water filters like sand filters and screens. Charcoal filters can also be used for this process and the main objective of this step is to eradicate all the harmful particles from the well.

  • Second Stage

    : Chemical water purification is usually used in the second step for purifying well water.Well water contains excessive chemicals like carbonates, calcium and many other compounds. These minerals consumed in large quantities can prove to be fatal.These chemicals can be reduced by mixing chlorine in the water.

  • Third Stage

    : In this step biological filtration is done to the water and this method helps in removing all the algae and bacteria. These can lead to several harmful diseases and biological filtration will help in removing the microorganisms as well.

Ultra violet rays can also be used for well water filtration as this helps in purifying the water completely.

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