Bottled Water Facts

Many people suffer from several diseases due to contaminated water. It is very important to drink water which is clean and free from pathogens. Bottled water is considered to be safe when compared to tap water. Many people spend lots of money on bottled water for drinking purpose and they are not sure whether it is safe or not. The following are a few bottled water facts.

Regulation Facts of Bottled Water

The following are a few facts about the tap and bottle water regulations which are set by US

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


  • The surface water used by most of the cities must be tested commonly in order to find out the presence of water pathogens like





  • These pathogens can cause intestinal problems and diarrhea. However, many of the water bottle companies do not go through these tests.
  • It is important for the city tap water to meet all the standards for specific carcinogenic chemicals like phthalates usually present in plastics and toxins. Many bottled water companies with FDA approval do not go through this regulation.
  • The water provided to the cities should be disinfected and filtered before being bottled.
  • It is important for the bottled water to be free from

    fecal coliform bacteria


    E.coli contamination


  • All the city water systems should issue an annual report for the consumers to know the contents of water.
  • The consumers should read the label on the bottle before buying and should also check the taste of the water.

Figures and Other Facts

The following are a few bottled water facts and figures given by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

  • About

    2.5 million water bottles

    are sold in New York every day.

  • The manufacturing of these bottles creates too much pollution when compared to tap water which requires less energy and natural resources.
  • Only 10% of these water bottles are recycled and 90% are thrown in the litter or garbage.
  • Many dollars are spent to clean these plastic water bottles that litter the park, roads and open areas.

However bottled water is much safer when compared to tap water especially in emergencies like floods and earthquakes. Tap water using home filtration system can be used for drinking as this is the most cheapest option than bottled water.

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