Sparkling Mineral Water

Many people use sparkling mineral water as a replacement for alcoholic cocktails which are high in calories. You can make this a healthy cocktail with a dash of mint or splash of fruit juice and a slice of lemon added to it. This water is also known as

carbonated water


soda water



. The following explains clearly about mineral water.

About Sparkling Mineral Water

  • This carbonated water is nothing but plain drinking water which has undergone the process of



  • Carbonation is a process where the carbon dioxide gets dissolved in an aqueous solution.
  • Carbon dioxide is then pressurized through the plain water.
  • More of carbon dioxide gets dissolved in water due to high pressure increasing the water solubility.
  • When a mineral water bottle is opened, bubbles are formed due to the release of gas and pressure.
  • This water is considered as a popular beverages in various countries across the globe and the popular brands are

    Crystal Geyser Water Company




    Calistoga Water Company




Natural Carbonated Water

There are a few natural geological conditions which produce this water naturally. This can be usually caused due to volcanic activities which occur under the Earth’s crust. These natural waters have health benefits and they also have healing properties due to the presence of different kinds of minerals. Carbon dioxide present in the water absorbs these minerals making it health beneficial.

Benefits of Carbonated Water

  • Many people find it difficult to find out whether sparkling mineral water is good for health or not.
  • This carbonated water has properties of lowering bad cholesterol levels as this problem can lead to several cardiac problems.
  • It also helps in increasing the good cholesterol levels. Carbonated water also maintains balanced sodium levels in the body.
  • Carbonated water can help in eradicating the harmful bacteria which can affect the immune system of the body.
  • Excess consumption of this water can result in eroding the enamel present on the teeth which can further result in causing dental problems.

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