Acid Rain Pollution

This pollution can be mainly caused due to ignorance of this condition to a great extent. Many people are not aware of what is acid rain and the causes of this condition. Human beings contribute largely in causing it. It is very important to understand the causes of this condition and how it affects the environment. The following article explains the facts of acid rain and the effects caused due to this pollution.


  • Acid rain occurs due to a phenomenon where the rain water gets polluted due to various reasons like pollutants in the atmosphere and this can result in causing harm to several living beings.
  • pH value determines the content of acid in the rain and more the pH level that means the water is more acidic in nature.
  • The acidic level in the normal water we drink daily is around

    7 on the pH scale


  • The pH value in the rainwater may differ from

    5.5 and 7

    due to the concentration of carbon dioxide in the environment.

  • If pH value of the rainwater is more than


    then it is considered to be acidic in nature.


The presence of gases like

sulfur dioxide


nitrogen oxide

in the atmosphere of the Earth can result in high pH levels. This can also be caused due to the air pollution that gets triggered by anthropogenic activities. Burning of the fossils is the main cause of this condition. These fossil fuels act as a primary source of fuel for factories, power plants and vehicles. Oil spills also play a major role in causing acid rain pollution.


  • Acid rain pollution has a drastic affect on human beings, plants and animals either directly or indirectly.
  • This can also affect the crops to a large extent further increasing the acid content in the soil affecting the growth of plants.
  • This condition can cause health complications like skin burns and irritation directly and it also affects the dietary requirements as well.
  • The pollution caused by acid rain can sometimes result in skin cancer.
  • It is important for every individual to take the necessary steps in lowering acid rain pollution.

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