Ocean Pollution Causes

Marine pollution

is the other term used for ocean pollution and this is caused due to the dumping of residential, agricultural and industrial wastes into these huge water bodies. These water bodies provide shelter to millions of plant species and marine animals. Marine pollution is a very serious threat to all the species living in it and humans owe to their habitat destruction. This condition is usually caused due to land based issues where humans are involved in some way or the other, directly or indirectly.

Causes of Marine Pollution

There are many reasons that contribute to polluted oceans. The following are some of the causes of ocean pollution.

  • Crude Oil

    : Discharge of crude oil deliberately or accidentally into the water is considered as one of the major causes of this condition. This usually happens during the transportation of crude oil through ships and they discharge all the wastes into these waters.

  • Ores

    : Ships transporting several ores also lead to marine pollution as the sediments of these ores get dumped into the ocean accidentally.

  • Marine Transportation

    : According to a study on marine biology, around 45% of the ocean pollution is due to marine transportation. This usually happens due to flushing, discharging and loading of the oil tankers.

  • Natural Seeps

    : These are considered as the natural pollutants and contributes around 8% of the total marine pollution.

  • Oil Spills

    : Around

    900,000 metric tons

    of oil gets spilled into the ocean and is considered as one of the major pollutants.

  • Waste Dumping

    : All the toxic wastes like polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB), mercury and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) consist of various contaminants that can result in this condition. Channeling human wastes and garbage dumping are considered as the major cause of ocean pollution.

Effects of Ocean Pollution

This may cause a huge effect on all the marine organisms living in the ocean which include marine plants, fish and coral reefs. Global warming is one of the major effect which can sweep the world off in another couple of decades.

How to Prevent?

It is very important to identify the causes of ocean pollution in order to prevent it from happening. The following are a few steps that will be helpful.

  • Making sure that there is no leakage from the tankers by monitoring these vessels before transportation can help in preventing this condition.
  • Make sure that human and garbage wastes are not dumped into the ocean.
  • Prevent dumping of the industrial wastes into these mass water bodies as we should always remember that there are other living organisms inside it and that we should avoid causing any kind of harm to them.

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