Home Water Filtration Systems

These systems range from simple water filters which require less maintenance to complicated systems. Many people choose water filters depending on the quality of water they get in their homes. It is always recommended to use certified home water filtration systems. These water filters use a wide variety of techniques that will help in purifying water. These filters help in removing the all the bacteria and contaminants present in water. They also provide water which tastes better and purified. The following article provides you with various processes used for home water filtration systems.

Different Types of Water Filtration Processes

The following are a few methods used in water filtration systems that can be used to purify water in your homes.

  • Distillation

    : This process is considered as the most effective method used for water purification. This process helps in removing huge amounts of contaminants and bacteria. Distillation process removes the biological, organic and inorganic compounds from water. This process involves boiling of water giving condensed form of water which is known as the purified distilled water. This water is more acidic in nature, it may not taste good and occupies large space in the kitchen.

  • Ion Exchange

    : This process helps in softening the water and filters the traces of magnesium and calcium present in it. Ion exchange is very important to filter the iron contents from the water. Resin beads are used to soften the water and are made of polystyrene. However this filter has a disadvantage as it cannot filter the bacteria in water.

  • Carbon Absorption

    : The drinking water we use daily contains chlorine and this can lead to several health complications. Carbon absorption techniques can be used in order to filter the chlorine from water. This is usually done with the help of resin beads, coal and pyrolyzing coconut. This process purely depends on the diameter of the pores present on the carbon filter. This filter also helps in removing the other organic materials from the water.

  • UV Filtration

    : These filters are usually used for germicidal treatment of water and low pressure lamps are generally used for UV irradiation.

These techniques combined together in one home water filtration systems provide you with better and purified water.

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