Dehydration Symptoms in Adults


dehydration symptoms in adults

generally begin with extreme thirst. This finally progresses to alarming consequences as the quench the thirst become direr. The initial symptoms and signs dehydration in adults manifest when the body loses nearly 2% of its total fluid. Read on to know more about the dehydration symptoms in adults.

Mild Symptoms of Dehydration in Adults

The symptoms of mild dehydration in adults include:

a�? Head rushes
a�? Chills
a�? Weakness or fatigue
a�? Dry mouth
a�? Dark colored urine
a�? Skin flushing
a�? Dry skin
a�? Loss of appetite
a�? Thirst

If the condition of dehydration is not intervened and continues unabated, the following adverse effects are experienced. The body loses 5% of the total fluid.

a�? Tingling of the limbs
a�? Nausea
a�? Headaches
a�? Muscle cramps
a�? Extreme fatigue
a�? Increased body temperature
a�? Decreased urination
a�? Decreased sweating
a�? Increased respiration
a�? Increased heart rate

Severe Dehydration Symptoms in Adults

Help is immediately needed when the body loses 10% of the total fluid. Fluid loss of 105 or above is fatal and can lead to death. The symptoms of severe dehydration in adults include:

a�? Unconsciousness
a�? Abdominal pain
a�? Chest pain
a�? Seizures
a�? Difficulty breathing
a�? Confusion
a�? Painful urination
a�? Dim vision
a�? Shriveled skin
a�? Racing pulse
a�? Vomiting
a�? Muscle spasms

You should be aware that the above mentioned symptoms are not the only severe symptoms of dehydration. These are the most common symptoms experienced by the patients. Also, the dehydration symptoms differ from one person to another as the body is a complex system. Everyonea��s body is different. For every age group, dehydration prevention is the most suitable treatment. Dehydration symptoms in adults are different from the symptoms experienced by a children or teenagers.

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