Alkalinity of Water a�� An Overview

Alkalinity of normal water

occurs as more than one type of ion is found in the natural water supplies. These types of ions include bicarbonates, carbonates and hydroxides. It is a well-known fact that hydroxide ions are found in water, although the concentration can be extremely small. But high concentrations of the hydroxide ions are uncommon in the natural water reservoirs. However, it can be found after the water has been treated with various treatments.

In certain sections of the United States, small concentration of carbonates is present in the water supplies, which rarely exceed 3-4 gpg. Also, they are in the water usually after treatment, like lime soda ash water softening. One of the most common causes of water alkalinity is the bicarbonates. Read on to know more about the alkalinity of water.

Alkalinity of Water a�� An Overview

The watera�� alkalinity is defined as its capacity to neutralize acid. The alkali substances in the water supplies include bases or hydroxides. These compounds are detected by the acrid taste. Also, they turn the red litmus paper into blue. Silicates and phosphates are very rarely found in the water supplies in significant concentrations in the home. In most natural water supplies, optimum concentrations of alkalinity are required. This balances the corrosive adverse effects of acidity.

Although, excessive quantities may also cause several problems. Many of these ions are found free in the water, and they have their other cationic forms like potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium. One may not observe an alkaline condition of water due to the presence of bicarbonate ions except when they are found in large amounts. Alkaline water which is highly strong has a a�?sodaa�� taste. The alkalinity of water is limited to the total dissolved solids (TDS – 500 ppm) and pH, according to the EPA Secondary Drinking water Regulations.

Alkaline water which is highly mineralized may also lead to excessive drying in your skin. This type of water tends to eliminate the normal skin oils. The high concentrations of alkalinity of water can be removed by the process of reverse osmosis.

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