Alkaline Water and Cancer

Alkaline water is a type of drinking water which is processed via a water ionizer. This water is considered to be beneficial in fighting and preventing one of the the major ailments, cancer. There is a strong link between

alkaline water and cancer

. Although, it is still not fully known to what extent this water minimizes or prevents cancer. Many studies have indicated that alkaline water has the potential to keep cancer at a distance. Read on to know more about the link between alkaline water and cancer.

Alkaline Water and Cancer Prevention

One of the primary reasons for the alkaline water’s capacity to prevent cancer is that the water molecules form smaller clusters compared with the water molecules of ordinary drinking water. As these water molecules are smaller, they have the capability to reach finer spaces in your body. The normal water molecules can’t reach these spaces. In addition,

alkaline water is known for its antioxidant properties

. These antioxidants helps in preventing cancer.

The antioxidants found in the alkaline water

adversely affect the free radicals

in your body. These free radicals are not good. Hence, they make oxygen available to the cancer cells. It is a well-known fact that cancer cells grow under anaerobic conditions. This means that they thrive in oxygen less environments. Hence, when oxygen is introduced into the small spaces in the body by alkaline water, an aerobic condition is created. This obstructs the survival of cancer cells. These cells are slowly eliminated as their growth is stunted.

One of the major ion abundantly found in alkaline water is the Hydroxyl ion. This ion is responsible for making the oxygen already present in the body available to the cancer cells. This is done by attachment of electrons. The electron attachment helps in two ways a�� eliminates the cancer cells as well as removes the free radicals from your body. However, it is still not proven how exactly alkaline water can prevent cancer. Much research has to be done on alkaline water and cancer.

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