Swim Ear a�� Treatment and Prevention of Swim Ear

The main aim of swim eara��s treatment is to stop the ear infection. Also, the objective of the treatment is to allow the ear canal to heal properly. Read on to know more about the treatment and prevention of swim ear.

Treatment for Swim Ear

The treatment for swimmera��s ear includes cleaning, medications for swimmera��s ear infection and medications for swim ear pain. These are as following:

Cleaning the Outer Ear Canal

It is necessary and important to clean the outer ear canal to ensure that the eardrops flow properly to all infected areas. The health practioner will use a ear curette or suction device to clean away any debris, flaky skin, clumps of ear wax or pus discharge.

Medications for Swim Ear Infection

In most cases of swim ear, the health practioner will prescribe eardrops which will have combination of any of the following components. This depends on the type and severity of the ear infection:
a�? Antifungal medication a�� Fights an ear infection caused by fungus
a�? Antibiotic a�� Fights bacterial infection
a�? Steroid a�� Minimizes inflammation
a�? Acidic solution a�� Aids in restoring the eara��s normal antibacterial environment

You can ask your doctor to know the best method for taking the eardrops. Here are a few suggestion that may help you to administer eardrops include:
a�? You can ask someone to help you to put drops in the ears.
a�? Lie on the side with the infected ear on the upper side.
a�? Minimize the discomfort of cool drops by bringing the temperature closer to your body temperature. Hold the bottle in your hand.

Medications for Swim Ear Pain

Your health practioner may also recommend some over-the-counter pain relievers to ease the discomfort of swim ear, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol), Naproxen (Aleve) or Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil).

Prevention of Swim Ear

Here are a few preventive measures of swim ear which you can follow:
a�? Take precaution after a surgery or ear infection
a�? Protect your ears from any irritants
a�? Avoid inserting any foreign objects inside your ear
a�? Swim carefully and wisely
a�? Follow home preventive treatment
a�? Keep the ears dry

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