Swim Ear a�� Causes and Symptoms of Swim Ear

Swim ear is also known as swimmera��s ear, which is an infection of the outer ear canal. This ear canal begins from your eardrum to external side of your head. Swim ear mainly occurs from the water which remains in your ear after swimming. This creates a moist environment which helps in bacterial growth and infection. Read on to know more about the

causes and symptoms of swim ear


The symptoms of swim ear are mostly mild at first, but if the infection spreads or not treated, then they may get worse. Most health practioners classify this ear infection according to mild, moderate and advanced stages of the conditiona��s progression.

Swim Ear – Mild signs and symptoms

  • Drainage of odourless, clear fluid
  • Mild discomfort in the ear canal. This worsens when outer ear (auricle or pinna) is pulled or little bumps (tragus) in front of ear are pushed.
  • Slight redness inside the ear
  • Itching in the ear canal
  • Moderate progression
  • Muffled or decreased hearing
  • Feeling of fullness inside the ear
  • Partial blockage of the ear canal by debris, fluid and swelling
  • Discharge of pus
  • Excessive fluid drainage
  • More redness in the ear
  • Increasing pain
  • More intense itching

Advanced progression

  • Fever
  • Swelling in the lymph nodes located in the neck
  • Swelling or redness of the outer ear
  • Complete blockage of the ear canal
  • Severe pain that may extend to the side of your head, neck or face

Swim ear is mostly caused by bacteria which are commonly found in water as well as soil. Infections caused by a virus or fungus are very rare.

Swim Ear a�� Causes of Swimmera��s Ear

If one is afflicted with this ear infection, then the natural defences are overwhelmed. The conditions and causes which weaken the eara��s defenses and enhance bacterial growth are:

  • Excess moisture in the ear
  • Abrasions or scratches in the ear canal
  • Sensitivity reactions

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