Swim Ear a�� An Overview

Swim ear

or swimmera��s ear is also known as otitis externa, which is a painful condition of the outer or visible portion of the ear canal and ear. The outer ear (ear canal) is a cylinder-shaped structure which extends from the external part of the ear. It starts from above the ear lobe till the eardrum (tympanic membrane). The size of the ear canal is 7-9 millimeters in width and 2.5 centimeters in length. Read on to know more about swim ear.

Ear Canal a�� The Importance

The primary function of this canal is to protect your ear from any entry of foreign particles and ear infections. This is achieved by the long length of the ear canal, which makes it difficult for any foreign debris to enter. Additionally, the outer part of the ear canal contains ear wax, which is also known as cerumen. This aids in trapping any foreign particles from entering your ears. Also, the ear wax creates an acidic environment which is harmful to bacteria. Also, there is hair in the canal which acts as an extra barrier against the foreign particles.

Swim Ear a�� An Overview

People from all ages and gender are equally affected by this painful condition. But most frequently, children and teenagers are affected by this ear infection. Nearly 10% of the population may actually develop swim ear in their life. In most cases, this condition is easily recognized and curable with home care. If it is necessary, then a visit to a doctor may also help to cure this type of ear infection.

As this infection mostly occurs during the summer season with exposure of your ear to pool water while swimming, this is popularly known as the swimmera��s ear. Although, water from shower or bath can also cause this condition. People afflicted with diabetes can also manifest a more grave form of swim ear. This might require immediate hospitalization and intensive medical care.

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