What is Portable Water Purifier?

A best travel accessory which you can carry along with you, whether you want clean water for mixing baby formula or hiking in the wilderness, is a

portable water purifier

. Approximately 90% of the world’s water sources are contaminated and unfit for drinking purpose according to the U.S. EPA. As water supplies may be contaminated and unsafe for drinking, even within the cities, it is necessary to have an effective method to purify the water. Read on to know more about portable water purifier.

Need to Use Portable Water Purifier

The source of drinking water may potentially contain various contaminants. These include biological contaminants like viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms as well as chemical contaminants like effluent discharge from industries.

Boiling water effectively eliminates the biological contaminants, but it is not effective against the chemical contaminants. On the other hand, a water purifier removes both types of contaminants at one go. This creates clean, safe drinking water which is fit for drinking.

The advantage of portable water purifier is that it can be carried and taken anywhere. This provides safe and pure drinking water.

Portable Water Purifier a�� How Does it Work?

There are two segments of water purifiers available are non-chemical and chemical. These come in various types:

1. Iodine

a�� This type of water purifier falls in the chemical category. This chemical is more effective when compared with other chemicals, although it is light sensitive. Hence, it is important to store iodine in a dark container. Also, a few people are allergic to iodine. Therefore, it is not a suitable option for treating drinking water. This process involves addition of iodine in the drinking water and allowing it to set for a while as it cleans the water.

2. Chlorine

a�� This is another treatment using chemicals. Also, it is best suited for those who are allergic to iodine and cannot use it to purify their drinking water. Similar to the iodine process, chlorine is added in the drinking water and allowed to set for a while.

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