Salt Water Cleanse a�� Detoxify Your Body!


salt water cleanse

is a detoxifying method which gently flushes out your entire digestive tract. Most frequently, it is also known as the salt water flush as it flushes right through you. But you should be careful with the type of salt you use for this detoxification. Stay away from using iodized salt as it can be harmful to you. You can use non-iodized salt like Celtic sea salt instead. Read on to explore more about the salt water cleanse and how to do to properly.

The density of the salt in the distilled water is equivalent to the weight of the sodium in your bloodstream. Hence, your kidneys do not recognize it and does not differentiate. This allows the water and salt solution to pass through the colon without any obstruction, which is similar to an internal enema.

When You Can Use the Salt Water Cleanse?

This cleansing process can be used whenever the colon needs movement. The best time to actually do this cleansing is in the morning. After you wake up, you should drink it all at once on an empty stomach. But if you think that drinking it all at once is too much for you, then you can continuously sip and it will still work.

Recipe for Salt Water Cleanse

The recipe for salt water cleanse includes:

  • 1 liter (one quart) water a�� Boil the water till it is lukewarm
  • 2 teaspoons of natural salt. This should not contain any additives
  • Lime/lemon juice, if required to enhance the flavor

You should remember that salt derived from a natural source such as Celtic sea salt or natural unrefined sea salt is much better than iodized and refined salt for cleaning the body. Therefore, the next time you feel unusually tired or fatigued, you might try cleansing your digestive tract with a salt water cleanse. This can aid in cleaning the built up waste products and toxins from your digestive tract.

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