Pool Salt Water Chlorinator a�� The Adverse Effects

Chlorination of salt water is a process which uses dissolved salt in the water (1,800-6,000 ppm) as a store for the chlorinator. The

salt water chlorinator

for swimming pools uses the mechanism of electrolysis to break down the salt particles (NaCl). This chemical reaction finally produces sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) and hypochlorous acid (HOCl). These chemicals are already used as sanitizing agents in swimming pools. Anyhow, a salt water swimming pool is not chlorine-free – instead of adding chlorine directly, this type of pools use a chlorine generator. Read on to know more about salt water chlorinator for swimming pools.

Salt Water Chlorinators a�� The Harsh Reality!

Various salt water chlorinators are available to aid in cleaning viruses, algae and bacteria from your swimming pool. However, do you think they are the best choice? These employ the use of harmful chemicals as cleaning agents. When the swimmers exit the swimming pool, they immediately have to take shower to remove excess chemicals (if any) obtained in the pool water. Salt and chlorine may dry your skin, cause your hair color to slightly change, makes your eyes turn red and sting. Also, these two can cause an allergic reaction to a few people.

Salt water chlorinator turn salt into hydrogen gas and chlorine via a chemical reaction in presence of electric current. A few studies have shown a possible link between cancer and chlorine. Also, chlorine has been linked to the respiratory disorder, asthma.

Alternative to Salt Water Chlorinator

But there is a better option for you a�� a more environmentally friendly and natural concept. This does not involve any toxins, chemicals or chlorine which you will imbibe in your body.

With an oxidation and ionic process of removing pollutants from your swimming pool, you are incurring clean and hygienic water from a safe and natural process, devoid of any harsh chemicals used with salt water chlorinators. Natural oxygen acts as an oxidizer. You can use a combination of natural oxygen and copper ionization to turn your swimming pool into a natural and environmentally friendly one.

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