What is Alkalized Water?

Alkalized water

is that drinking water which has a pH higher than 7. This type of water is considered to be beneficial to your health. Water is the elixir of life as it is an important factor for staying fit and healthy. Our blood is made up of 94% of water and our bodies consist around 94% of water. Just imagine if you follow the recommended daily water intake at least two liters and this water is polluted and acidic a�� think what this will do to your body? Read on to explore more about alkalized water.

Most sources of tap water in the United States and several other countries is alkalized water. The pH of the water is raised to nearly 8.5 on an average where hydroxyl ions (-OH ions)is added. Low pH water can actually dissolve materials like copper pipings and concrete drain pipes. On the other hand, high pH forms deposits and thickens these water pipes. Hence, the water is alkalized to overcome these problems.

Alkalized Water a�� The Need

The pH of the water is determined by measuring the difference between how much hydroxyl (-Oh) and hydrogen (H+) ions the water contains. When the drinking water has more than pH of 7, it is known as alkalized water. When the pH is below 7, it is called acidic. If the pH of the water is 7, it is neutral. Nowadays, people are drawn to alkalized water because of the health benefits it offers. But in reality, increasing the pH has little benefit to one’s health.

Drinking alkaline water is important as the majority of the food and drink you consume leads to formation of acid wastes in your body. This type of water maintains a optimal energy and health. The acid wastes are deposited into the lymph and bloodstream, which is finally transported to the kidneys and liver. The process of detoxification and elimination is carried out. The pH levels of internal fluids affects your every living cell in the body. Hence, an acidic pH can have adverse effect on the cellular functions.

Alkalized Water a�� Beneficial for You

You must drink water which is mineral rich and alkalizing in order to optimally hydrate your body. This type of water helps in neutralizing the acids in your body as well as removing toxins. This water also controls the electrochemical activity in the living cell of your body. The drinking water should ideally have a pH of 9-10. also, you should at least drink 3-4 liters of water every day. Hence, reap the health benefits by drinking adequate alkalized water.

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