Ionized Water Scam a�� Is it Real?

Do you think that

a�?ionized watera�?

scam is for real? Wondering how this scam works? Nowadays, these bottled drinking water scams are increasing at an alarming rate. Many fitness freaks also believe in the concept of

a�?oxygenated watera�?

. In reality, oxygen does not move freely in our bloodstream. Also, ionized oxygen have a short span. Read on to discover more about

ionized water scam


Many manufacturers claim that bottled and ionized drinking water are approved by

the Federal Trade Authorities


the FDA

. Also, a few make tall claims that their products are patented. On the contrary, FDA approval and patents can only be obtained when the product does not risk human life!

Ionized Water Scam a�� Is it Real?

The answer is yes. This type of water is being marketed by the food and health industry. Drinking water is said to be ionized when electric current is passed through it. This is done to separate the negative ions and positive ions. In the end, you have two types of water a�� alkaline and acidic water. The water which is alkaline is considered to be good for you as it’s beneficial. On the other hand, acidic water is not safe for drinking purpose and should be avoided. In fact, pure water actually contains very few ions which the ionized water manufacturers don’t reveal! Hence, the entire process of ionizing is meaningless. Hence, the water which you are drinking is alkaline already. The ionized water concept is a complete hoax.

There are many ionized water scams making the rounds. Ionized water or alkaline water does not benefit you in any way. Hence, the consumers are easily cheated. There are no scientific evidence to back the benefits of ionized water. Also, this type of water does not cure any stomach ulcers, heart disease or cancer.

3 responses to Ionized Water Scam a�� Is it Real?

  1. My wife suffered from arthritis pain in her knees every single day we have been married UNTIL she began drinking alkaline water. Since Jan 2011, she has been pain free. Until you can provide a plausible explanation as to why her pain is gone, I will continue to believe in the healing power of alkaline water.

  2. yeah prove your point buddy, what’s your beef with these inonzed water companies… i know from my own personal use, these waters taste better and hydrate better and do alkaline you.so like leo says until you can prove it, take it down a noch.

  3. Don’t use FTA & FDA as reference…
    They are not worth anything, since owned by the big Pharma Corporate.
    Who make money on people’s illness.. and don’t want people to be cure..

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