Ionized Water Benefits – The Health Benefits

Ionized water is produced by mild electrolysis. This process occurs in an ionized water unit. Ionized water provides numerous health benefits to the users. This type of water is actually treated tap water and it is filtered. Also, the structure of water is changed into an ionized state. This reduces the oxidation of normal cells in your body. This occurs when large number of electrons found in the water are donated to an active oxygen. Read on to know more about

ionized water benefits


Ionized Water Benefits a�� Beneficial to Your Health

Here are a few benefits of ionized water on your health. These include:

Boosts Immune System

A review on the benefits of ionized water health benefits was published by

the American Journal of Medicine

. The report revealed that this type of water has powerful antioxidant properties which is stronger than vitamins like A, C, E, beta carotene and selenium. Also, it plays a major role in boosting your levels of immunity.

Reduces High Blood Pressure

According to the

Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA)

, it was revealed that many diseases occur due to excessive fats in the diet. The deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessels constricts the blood flow. This leads to a high blood pressure. Ionized water acts as a good solvent. Hence, it helps in dissolving the excess cholesterol in your blood and decreases the high blood pressure to a normal level.

Prevents Kidney Diseases

One of the advantages of drinking ionized water is that the urine excretion is relatively more than the water intake. The ionized water is devoid of any acidic ions which are normally found in the tap water. The efficacy of the calcium ions are maintained which in turn increases urination.

Prevents Allergic Reactions

Low levels of calcium in water lowers your body’s resistance power. Hence, you become more susceptible to allergic reactions. On the other hand, ionized water contains adequate calcium ions which helps in alleviating allergies.

Stronger Digestive System

This type of water helps in neutralizing secretions in your stomach, mostly gastric juice. This may lead to adverse reaction. Hence, ionized water benefits you by making your digestive system more stronger.

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