Alkaline Water Machine a�� An Overview

Most of you must be aware of the basic fact that the human body is approximately made up of 70% water. There is no doubt about that being an essential element of human existence, the quality of water we drink every day plays a crucial role in our longevity, happiness and good health.

Alkaline water machine

is a good choice to have pure and safe drinking water at your own home. These are also commonly known as water ionizers. But be very careful before investing in one! It can become very confusing to understand the different parameters like voltage, plates, pH, ORP and alkalinity. Hence to make the choice easier for you, read on to know more about alkaline water machine.

There are several models of alkaline water machines available in the market. There are few things which you should consider before investing in such type of device as different manufacturers will have various features. There are two main factors which are very important in a alkaline water machine and you should think about it.

Alkaline Water Machine a�� Important Factors to Consider

There are mainly two factors which are imperative in a water ionizer. These include:

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)

a�� You need a water ionizer which brings a negative (-) ORP in the drinking water. Oxidation reduction potential is a measure where the water’s potential to minimize the process of oxidation is measured. If the ORP of the water is positive (+), then it is equivalent to the oxidation potential. This measures the amount of oxidation taking place in the drinking water. This is a bad indication. Oxidation happens when fruits turn squishy and brown or metals turn rusty.

To reduce this adverse reaction, oxidation reduction can be achieved. Hence, many people call alkaline water as

a�?anti-aging watera�?

. The regular tap water has a positive ORP a�� above 400. On the other hand, alkaline water has a negative ORP. Therefore, if your body has a negative ORP level, the better it can prevent the process of aging.

pH Level

a�� You should see that the alkaline water machine has a right and optimum pH level. This pH ranges from 4-10. To make it simpler, 4 is highly acidic, 7 is neutral and 10 is highly alkaline. The regular tap water has a pH of 7, which is neutral. The optimum pH level of your body should be 7.4, but it fluctuates with what you drink or eat. Hence, an alkaline water machine helps in maintaining the optimal negative ORP and pH of your drinking water.

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