Coconut Water Health Benefits a�� Reap the Benefits

Coconut water is considered to be one of the purest liquid next to water. That coconut water has health benefits is not a myth but a reality. It is the liquid that is derived from unripe coconut. You can drink coconut water to reap the various health benefits. This is used to make coconut milk. Hence, picking a coconut when it’s unripe will ensure that your body reaps the benefits of coconut water. Read on to explore more about coconut water health benefits.

Coconut Water a�� Hydrates Your Body

As it is an isotonic solution, it replaces the minerals and fluid lost by the body during physical activities. This is one of the prime reason why many people and athletes who work out daily are advised to drink coconut water. This replaces the essential minerals as well as fluids lost during the physical activity. The benefits of drinking coconut water has even got recognition from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Coconut Water Alleviates Urinary Problems

On a regular basis if you drink coconut water, then it reduces any urinary problems you might be suffering from. Coconut water helps in relieving urinary symptoms like polyutra, strangury and several others.

Coconut Water Eradicates Intestinal Worms

If you drink coconut water along with a teaspoon of olive oil for 3 days, then it helps in killing and claering the intestinal worms. This enhances your digestion.

Coconut Water Destroys Kidney Stones

People who are suffering from kidney stones can drink coconut water along with their regular medication. This water helps in breaking up the kidney stones into smaller particles.

Coconut Water has Antibacterial Properties

This water contains monolipids, which is an antiprozoal, antibacterial and antiviral monoglyceride. This is mainly used to kill the lipid-coated viruses like flu, cytomegalovirus, herpes and various pathogenic bacteria.

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