Kangen Water Scam a�� Is it a Myth?

One of the products which many water wellness industry promote in the large segment of common people is the concept of

a�?ionized watera�?

. One of the fraudulent case is

Kangen water scam

. The general public is easily deceived as they lack the scientific expertise to distinguish between the fact and lies. There are many tall claims being made and circulated about the alkaline and ionized water which is prevalent everywhere. Before you take any hasty decision, you must be aware of these fraudulent cases and tall claims made by some water wellness companies. One such case is the Kangen water scam read on to explore more about the Kangen water scam.

Many such outfits sell several overpriced electrical devices which claim to produce alkaline and ionized water. These electrical devises are grossly expensive and bring the change by using the process of electrolysis. Most of the

a�?water ionizersa�?

which spruce up in the market have their origins in Korea and Japan. In North America, these dubious devices are majorly distributed due to the multi-level marketing strategies.

To make things more clear regarding the scam statements and myth of Kangen water, here is a basic outline:

The Myth

a�� This type of water is not different from the alkaline water generated by various other ionizer machines. What is the need to buy something expensive?

The Scam

a�� There is no need to pay an exorbitant $4,000 for an water ionizer when you can buy the same for half the price.

In these type of marketing scams, the main parent company maintains a low profile to avoid any scrutiny by the regulators like the


They improvise a better plan . They hire independent agents who sell their products by making tall claims. Therefore, the Kangen water scam is one such case which revealed that the water wellness industry sometimes sell dubious devices.

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