Rose Water Benefits a�� What are the Benefits?

Rose is a beautiful flower in many parts of the world, and is a symbol of love and beauty. There are different colors of rose a�� white, pink, yellow and red which looks very pretty and even gives a delicate fragrance. In addition, the roses even offer valuable properties and therapeutic benefits. One such common product is rose water which is obtained after distillation of rose petals. There are several

rose water benefits

. The rose water is used in culinary, cosmetics, medicine and so on. Read on to explore more about the rose water benefits.

Rose water is known for its pleasant fragrance and taste. The high quality products include pure rose essential oil and distilled rose water. In ancient India, good quality rose water was used in special religious rituals. In Egypt, Cleopatra used rose water to enhance her beauty.

Rose Water Benefits a�� Beneficial for You

Here are a few benefits of using rose water:

Beneficial for Skin

This is extremely beneficial for your skin. Also, this is used in different face creams and masks. This helps in cleansing and purification of normal skin. If used on oily skin, rose water balances the oil secretion and tones the skin. It also soothes and cools the skin. Also, it helps in healing sunburns and wounds.

Benefits Your Hair

It is one of the major ingredients in several hair-care products. If regularly applied, it is beneficial for your hair and scalp as it promotes hair growth, stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and minimizes inflammations.

Relaxation from Fatigue and Stress

If you add rose water in your bathing water, it helps you to relax by relieving fatigue. It even acts as a mood enhancer.

Healing Properties

It is also acclaimed for its healing properties. It helps alleviating sore throat condition, if used for rinsing.

Beneficial for Eyes

For fatigued and tired eyes, rose water can be used as eye drops to relax and soothe.

Hence, rose water benefits you in several ways. So, you can use rose water to reap the benefits!

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