Mineral Water Benefits – Healthy for You!

Mineral water is different from the normal tap water as it contains minerals which change the taste as well as increase the nutritional value of the water. Hence, mineral water benefits us in several ways. As per the


, mineral water is defined as any water which contains nearly

250 parts per million of total dissolved salts

. Also, this type of water is obtained from springs or bore holes originating from an underground water body. The mineral water can either be effervescent (sparkling) or flat. Read on to know more about the various mineral water benefits.

The packaged drinking water mainly contain various trace elements, minerals and gases. This mineral content in the water gives it a different taste which also has a therapeutic value. When traces of any gas is removed from the packaged drinking water, the mineral water is known as sparkling mineral water or natural sparkling water.

Mineral Water Benefits a�� Know the Health Benefits

It was revealed in several studies that the mineral water benefits as the minerals can be easily taken in by the human body when compared to the minerals found in food substances. These minerals are essential for a healthy body as few cannot be produced within the body. The mineral water helps the body to fight against any pathogens like bacteria and fungus. Also, this water helps in de-oxidizing. A few consumers reported other benefits like reduction of aching, swelling and pain in the joints and muscles.

A few researchers believe that mineral water provides the equivalent nutritional value to our body as the vitamin supplements. It even enhances the immune system and detoxifies the body. The essential minerals which are found in the mineral water are iron, silica, sulfate, bicarbonates, chloride and magnesium.

Hence, you can easily reap the mineral water benefits by drinking the crystal-clear water. So, lead a healthy life!

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  1. Who says that my body needs the amount of minerals stated in a bottle of mineral water?
    And what about those minerals from that bottle that sticks to the drinker’s teeth?
    Some of those “mineral water” bottles are just treated tap water,

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