Magnetic Water Softeners

Magnetic water softeners

are highly controversial because till now there is no clear understanding about how they work. Although, there is some evidence which suggests that they work in a few cases. Hence, if you are looking for a solution to treat hard water, you may give a try to magnetic water softeners. Read on to explore more about the magnetic water softeners.

There are mainly two types of magnetic water softeners a��

magnetic softeners


electromagnetic softeners

. Both the water softeners work on the principle of magnetism. One of the benefits of using such a system is that there is no use of electricity or chemicals to treat the hardness of water. As the water flows through the earth, many minerals get dissolved in the water. A few of the dissolved minerals may cause problems in the pipes and fittings. These depositions are also known as limescale deposits. This may even render the water unfit for drinking purpose.

Problems of Limescale Depositions

The minerals deposits slowly build up scale inside your fixtures and pipes in the form of limescale, magnesium or calcium. This leads to reduction of low of water through the pipes and renders hot water tanks in-efficient. Other problems of hard water include shortened lifespan of appliances like dishwasher, washing machine, water spotting on faucets and dishes, and problems with shower or laundry.

More gas or energy is usually needed to heat your water tank. Hence, there is a need to treat the hard water for increasing the efficiency of your appliances as well as render the water fit for drinking. Magnetic water softeners can achieve this purpose.

How Does Magnetic Water Softeners Work?

There is still a controversy on how this water softeners actually work. When the hard water is flown through the focused magnetic field, the molecular structure of the hard water changes. This leads to a change in the way how minerals present in the hard water act. Finally, this leads to descaling of the mineral deposits.

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