Commercial Water Softeners

These type of water softeners are mainly used to remove water hardness.

Commercial water softeners

are effective eliminating hardness from the water. The water hardness is primarily determined by the total amount of magnesium and calcium dissolved in the water. The more these substances the water contains, the harder it becomes. Commercial water softeners are used to minimize the water hardness. Read on explore more about the various commercial water softeners.

Permanent hardness


temporary hardness

forms the subtotal of water hardness. Most frequently, the temporary hardness of the water causes many problems. Also, this leads to scale formation, which mainly occurs due to pressure differences in the pipe fittings or water temperature changes. This deposition is known as


, which is found in the form of small crystals which causes several problems:

  • This is the main problem in thermostats, reverse osmosis systems, washing machines, dishwashers, humidifiers and boilers.
  • Limescale also minimizes the efficiency of the cleaning chemicals.

Importance of Water Softening

This process is a very important process, as the water hardness in homes and commercial plants is effectively minimized by water softening. Hard water can clog machinery and pipes. As the hard water leads to scale-up, the efficiency of hot water tanks and boilers is greatly reduced. Hence, water softening method prevents the adverse effects of hard water.

Various Commercial Water Softeners

There are various brands of commercial water softeners available in the market. An example is

ADEPT Pure Water Limited

, which offers a range of water softeners in three forms a�� Simple, Duples and Triplex. These have a flow rate range of .3 m3/Hr to 5 m3/Hr.

Another popular choice of commercial water softeners is offered by

Pentair Fleck

. This water treatment equipment can be used in factories, hospitals, apartment buildings and other applications where high capacities and flow rate are a mandatory requirement.

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