Dengue Fever a�� Treatment, Prevention and Control

Dengue fever

has been on a dramatic rise across the world seen in recent times. Nearly 2.5 billion people, that is two-fifths of the worlda��s population, are now at a risk of transmission of dengue fever. According to

WHOa��s current estimation

, there can be 50 million cases of dengue fever every year around the world. Read on to know more about the treatment, prevention and control of dengue fever.

Treatment of Dengue Fever

No specific treatment has been yet discovered for dengue fever. For treating dengue hemorrhage fever, medical care by nurses and doctors can mostly save the life of the patient. This decreases the mortality rates from a steep 20% to mere 1%. The main aim of treatment for dengue hemorrhagic fever is maintaining the patient’s circulating fluid volume.

Immunization of Dengue Fever

No vaccine has been found to provide protection against dengue fever. However, developing a vaccine against dengue fever is a challenge. This is a difficult task because:

  • The vaccine has to be effective against all the four viruses that cause the infection.
  • There is a very little knowledge about how the disease manifests and how the pathogen affects the immunity system.
  • Despite all these hurdles, many potential vaccines are in the early stages of development.

Prevention and Control of Dengue Fever

The only effective and safe method to prevent or control the transmission of dengue virus is to eradicate or kill the mosquitoes which act as a carrier vector. In the Americas and in Asia, the mosquitoes species,

Aedes aegypti

breeds in artificial containers like concrete cisterns, metal drums and earthenware jars which are used for storing water for domestic purposes.

The vector control is done by chemical methods and environmental management. Improved water storage practices and and proper solid waste disposal are effective way of controlling the mosquito population. Hence, the application of insecticides to eliminate the larval mosquitoes can be effective in preventing dengue fever.

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  1. Can someone tell me if there is any evidence to prove if large filtered and chlorinated swimming pools serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes which carry dengue or other mosquito born illnesses? I don’t think we need to drain our school pool.

    Thanks for providing links to research.

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