Stormwater Drainage a�� An Overview


stormwater drainage

system is also known as stormwater drainage well system (UK), stormwater drain system (New Zealand and Australia) and storm sewer (U.S.). This drain is especially designed to drain the excess ground and rain water from the roofs, sidewalks, parking lots and paved streets. Stormwater drainage system varies in design from small residential dry wells to large municipal drainage system. Read on to know more about the stormwater drainage system.

Function of Stormwater Drainage

The function of stormwater drainage system include the following components:

  • Inlet

    a�� There are two major types of inlets: grated inlets and side inlets. Grated inlets have grids or gratings to prevent large debris and objects from entering into the sewer system. Side inlets are present in the curb.

  • Piping

    a�� These come in different shapes like circular, oval, bread loafed shape, square and rectangular. Also, these have several different features including pits, balconies, stairways and waterfalls for catching debris or Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs). Different materials like metal, concrete, brick or even plastic.

  • Outlet

    a�� Most of the drains have a large, single exit at the point of discharge, which is often covered by a grating, into a water body. There are no specific treatment facility in the piping system. Small-sized stormwater drains may discharge into dry wells.

Environmental Impacts of Stormwater Drainage

Let us see the environmental impacts of stormwater drainage on the water quality. The stormwater runoff can become contaminated while flowing down the impervious surfaces (hard surfaces like roads) before entering the drainage system. Pollutants like trash, heavy metals, motor oil and gasoline as well as fertilizers and pesticides may enter into the water bodies. This adversely affects the water quality. This runoff can be reduced by implementing low impact development practices (U.S.) and sustainable urban drainage systems (UK).

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  1. The excess of rain water can damage building foundation, so it’s a a thing that can’t be ommited. Thank you for this information.

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