How to get Rid of Swimming Pool Algae?

Anybody who owns a swimming pool must have faced a battle with sudden algae bloom. They think of many ways and devises to get rid of these swimming pool algae. The spores of algae enter the water body either by contaminated pool equipment or swimsuits or environmental factors like rain and wind. Under appropriate conditions, algae can simply bloom overnight. Read on to know

how to get rid of swimming pool algae


The conditions which promote algal growth may include presence of carbon dioxide or nitrates in the water, sunlight and warm temperatures. Even lack of proper sanitation, filtration and circulation process may promote algal blooms in swimming pools.

Getting Rid of Swimming Pool Algae

A proper sanitizer residuals and chemical balance will prevent the growth and proliferation of algal blooms. Also, it is important to maintain cleanliness of the swimming pool. Bacteria and organic compounds may contribute in algal growth. One can use special chemicals like algaecides which effectively implements normal filtration and sanitation processes. This step is mandatory for swimming pools. These type of chemicals include:


a�� This is not not an algaecide (as it does not kill algae), but it has the similar properties (prevents the growth of algal blooms). Chitin can effectively coagulate and remove various suspended impurities and other materials from the swimming pool water. This helps in eradicating the contaminants more easily without any hindrances. Also, it enhances the filtration equipment’ s effectiveness.

Potassium tetraborate

a�� This chemical effectively prevents the algal bloom from converting carbon dioxide into the nutrient source its needs for growth. This is manufactured in the trade name known as ‘Proteam Supreme’. This is a very effective in getting rid of the algal blooms in the swimming pools.

Chlorine enhancers

a�� This chemical is not an algaecide, but it does provide an additional boost to the hypochlorites when added separately. This chemical is sold as Yellow Treat, Yellow-Out or Mustard Buster. These chlorine enhancer is effective against the yellow algae.

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