Japanese Encephalitis a�� Treatment and Prevention

Japanese encephalitis

is primarily caused by a virus. This disease is transmitted in to humans by infected mosquitoes bite. Also, the disease is not transmitted by other infected humans (not communicable disease). The disease is generally a mild illness and in most cases, the symptoms are not exhibited. Although, in few cases, which is 1 in 200 patients, the disease is much severe. In such cases, the disease starts with vomiting, headache, tiredness and fever. This is sometimes accompanied by agitation and confusion. This may finally lead to encephalitis, which is brain inflammation. Read on to know more about the

treatment and prevention of Japanese encephalitis


The disease is widely spread in South East Asia and the neighboring countries. This is highly prevalent in the rural farming areas. This mainly occurs during the rainy season (May-September) when the mosquitoes are highly active.

Treatment for Japanese Encephalitis

No specific treatment is available for Japanese encephalitis. Hence, treatment is mainly supportive a�� assistance is given for seizure control, breathing and feeding as required. Increase in the intracranial pressure is managed by mannitol. There is no need to isolate the patients as the disease is not transmitted from person to person.

One of the major breakthrough in the avenue of Japanese encephalitis therapeutics is identification of the involvement of macrophage receptors.

Prevention of Japanese Encephalitis

You can effectively prevent any exposure to the virus by:

  • Using an insect repellent. They should contain nearly 30% of N,N-diethyl metatoluamide (DEEt) on clothing and skin.
  • Also, to prevent mosquito bites, you can use permethrin on your clothing.
  • Wearing clothes which cover most of your body
  • Remaining inside well screened areas

Vaccine for Japanese encephalitis can prevent the disease. Although, the vaccine is not 100% efficient. Also, it is not a safety measure for mosquito precautions.

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