Arsenic Poisoning Symptoms

Poisoning due to arsenic may be either intentional or accidental. Also, arsenic poisoning symptoms depends on the degree, method and source of poisoning. Hence, the range of signs and severity may vary according to the degree of poisoning. This harmful chemical substance is known for its toxicity. Although, death due to its poisoning does not happen frequently. The poisoning usually occurs over a period of time. Read on to know more about

arsenic poisoning symptoms


The reasons for chronic arsenic poisoning may be due to accidental contamination of drinking water or intentional addition of arsenic to daily meals. Most often, the symptoms of arsenic poisoning may be mistaken for several other conditions a�� immune, neurological or gastrointestinal related. If arsenic is taken in large quantities, the symptoms are highly acute. Also, it may lead to death in a very short time.

Arsenic Poisoning Symptoms

The symptoms of poisoning may be either experienced immediately after consuming food or drink contaminated with arsenic or after a period of 30-60 minutes. This is based on the amount of arsenic ingested with the drink or food. The symptoms are much more obvious when it comes to gas inhalation than with ingestion. These symptoms include:

  • Headaches associated with dizziness
  • Lack of appetite a�� This may lead to weight loss which is further aggravated by diarrhea and vomiting
  • Pain may lead to fear and anxiety along with nightmares, insomnia and shortness of breath (dyspnea)
  • Body pains and generalized muscle aches
  • Disturbances in coordination (motor), muscle strength and movement. Otherwise, pain, tingling and numbness (sensory)
  • Metallic taste in the mouth
  • Nausea
  • Throat irritation a�� This may vary from the feeling of throat constriction to a lump in the throat
  • Difficulty swallowing (dysphagia)
  • Burning sensation in the gastrointestinal tract a�� lower chest/upper abdomen (stomach), chest (esophagus), and abdomen as a whole (large and small intestines)

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