Water Filters That Remove Fluoride

Fluoride is added to the drinking water supply to reduce tooth decay. Water filters that remove fluoride can be effectively used to remove fluoride. For many years, fluoride has been added to drinking water supplies. But a few recent studies show that it is not necessary to add fluoride to the drinking water source. On the contrary, fluoridated drinking water could be harmful in some ways. A few reports have shown that fluoride is a carcinogen, which may cause cancer after consuming fluoridated drinking water. Other reports have shown that white spots on teeth may result from too much fluoride. Read on to know more

water filters that remove fluoride


What is the experts opinion?

According to a few medical researchers and scientists, fluoride should not be added to the drinking water supply. But fluoride is still being implemented for treating the drinking water supplies.

Do Fluoride Removal Filters Really Work?

All the water filtration systems available are not effective in getting rid of fluoride and it is still found in the drinking water. A few fluoride removal filters are mentioned below:

  • Cheap Water Filters a��

    You should first ensure that the filter of your choice effectively filters out fluoride.

  • Crystal Quest Counter top Single Fluoride Water Filter System a��

    The water filtration system can be easily installed on the kitchen faucet. It can be fixed to your counter top. Also, this water filtration system may help you to effectively eliminate particles such as arsenic and lead.

  • Tap Master Jr F2 a��

    This water filtration system comes equipped with a fluoride filter. One of the advantages of this water filter is that it is less expensive. Also, this system effectively removes or eliminates around 89% of the fluoride from the drinking water. The system also minimizes the amount of chlorine content from water and gives a pure taste. In every 3 months, the filter should be replaced to gain best results.

Where to Find the Water Filters?

There are different types of water filters available which can effectively remove fluoride from the drinking water supplies. These include under the sink or sink water filters systems best suited for your homes. You can purchase these water filtration systems from either home improvement stores or online vendors.

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